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Cup Cake Costumes

CUP CAKE COSTUME Cup Cake Costume In June 2020I started these costumes, the first ones for the production. I created 5 cup cake costumes for Priscilla Queen of the Desert. There is a scene which 5 dancing cupcakes and other green costumes feature. For these costumes I used a commercially available kids costume as the basis of my design but changed the patty pan so it was 3D. I used mint green lame and brown taffeta from DK Fabrics in South Australia, tinsel mesh, glitter tulle, green net and trace'n'toile from Spotlight for construction.  Finished Costume Priscilla Queen of the Desert Amateur theatre production September 2021.  Murray Bridge Players and Singers Photo by Jason McCullough  Concept drawing done on Pret-a-template The director of this production had bought a child's cupcake costume as a sample of what was needed. The original costumes used on the professional production were not feasible for me to make so I needed something easier to sew. I used the Childs cost

Priscilla Queen of the Desert Costume Overview

  Priscilla Queen of the Desert  2021  photo by Murray Valley Standard Priscilla Queen of the Desert 2021 Costume Overview  More to come check back soon for a detailed review of costumes made! Cupcake Costume - post live Gumnut Costume and Headpiece - live Koala Costume - post live Wattle Costume - post Live Cockatoo - post live  worn by Cassie Kangaroo worn by me Thorny Devil - post live (worn by Susan) Cup Cake Dancer Silver Diva - post live Cup Cake Diva - post live Cup Cake PJ's Opera House finale Roman Soldier Frill Neck Lizard - live  worn by Alex Gumby Pants - post live worn by Tim, Alex & Hamish. Photo by Jason McCullough  worn by Hamish Puppet Dress - post live 1950's Dress Worn by Max. Photo by Jason McCullough Emu worn by Hamish, photo by Jason McCullough Diva Sempre Libera Skirt worn by Prue -    photo by Jason McCullough Cassino Dress - post live Other Makers Spectacular Costumes  from Priscilla Les Girls by Lyn Lindner photo by Jason McCullough Kurt in Thong d