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Roman Gladiator Costume

  Roman Gladiator Costume Rehearsal photo by Jay Birdie Photography Priscilla Queen of the Desert - Amateur theatre production September 2021.  Murray Bridge Players and Singers For the Venue scene the back up dancers wear RTW (ready to wear purchased garments) glitter dresses we added gold belts and shoulder straps too. The boys wore pleather skirts and a shoulder shield with RTW hot pants.  I used some firm felt backed pleather I got from the home furnishing dept at Spotlight. It is the same fabric I used on the Diva's silver dresses for the petals and binding.  The fabric has a cross hatching texture and doesn't need to be lined or finished as it does not fray. I used gold and bronze for the costume.  My Pretty'a'template sketch of the design Pteruges: Skirt of leather Pleather in bronze and gold I drew a long strap shape with a curved end and cut these from the gold. I used the bronze pleater cut into narrow strips as binding to edge each panel.  Sewing the bronze b